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Phone number: +47 4000 7941
E-mail: post@kulturoperatorene.no 
Addr.: Vågsallmenningen 6, 5014 Bergen
Mail: Pb 440 Sentrum, 5805 Bergen
Orgnr: 890 959 482
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Øyvind is a partner, general manager and safety officer. This means that he organises the weekly wine lottery and always brings band-aids when they're needed. He is our creative mastermind, and his recurring motto is that nothing is impossible until we've tried it (at least three times). Øyvind has a background from stage production and is a certified electrician and pyrotechnician - along with almost 30 years' experience in event production.


+47 922 54 192 

Managing partner / general manager


Ingunn is a partner and project manager, with a degree in economics and cultural studies. Her interest in logistics reaches far beyond the autistic spectrum, and you will often find her taking minutes of meetings in Excel. She eagerly controls the company's finances and projects, and thinks nothing is better than a empty production plan and fresh crayons. 


+47 916 07 866

Partner / project manager


Mia has a bachelor's degree in cultural project management from Lillehammer University College and a master's degree in creative and cultural entrepreneurship. Now she coordinates our projects with a steady hand, while she tries to get the rest of us laypersons in order. You will often find Mia with one ear bud in her ear - as she has developed an aversion to full head sets from her long period working at customer service. 


+47 478 48 621

Production coordinator


Alice has a background from stage and production management, and is a regular stage manager for the Bergen National Opera. You will find Alice in the sets at many of our large productions, where she keeps control of all of our backstage workers. Alice is from Trøndelag, but we do not hold that against her on a day to day basis (only in football related discussions). 


+47 975 02 314 



Ingrid has worked with productions and cultural events for many years, with many artists, Kulturbyrådet and Festspillene i Bergen, amongst others. She often works with decor and event looks - and helps us create great experiences. You will find Ingrid backstage, keeping track of all speakers and artists, and making sure that everyone is at the right place at the right time. 


+47 980 73 598 



Arvid is our financial officer. He has worked with finances and management for over 40 years - and he keeps control of all payments, invoices, addendums, employer's national insurance contributions and other important financial documents. 


+47 907 29 729

Financial officer